New chickens and my ignorance.


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May 23, 2011
Two weeks ago, I got 8 chicks and I was happy. A few days later, one of them died. I thought, "It's no big deal it was only 3 dollars." However, I wanted to replace the one I had lost. When I went to the place I got the last chicks, i got caught up with myself and ended up buying 10 more chicks. Now I have 17. A couple days ago, one died and I thought again that it was no big deal. The last few days, they have been squaking like no other, and trying to excape the bin. They are all huddled up near the light (which they have never done before) and the light is as close as it can be without them getting burned. They have also been going through food like there is no tomorrow and I'm really concerned on how they are behaving lately. This morning I was taking care of my chickens and went off to school. When I got home 8 hours later, my chicken roost was saoking wet and my chickens were gaging/throwing up. I changed the bedding and got them settled in with new water and food, washed everything with soap and water, and dried out the container I have them in. Should I be worried about their safety and well being? I would really like the 16 to make it for the rest of their natural lives if I can help it. Does anyone have any suggestions? (sorry for this post being so long but I thought that if you got the whole story that it would easyier for you to help me.) Oh one last thing 7 of them are almost three weeks, and 10 of them are almost 2 weeks old.
How large a brooder do you have them in, and what breed are they? They may be chilled, they may be overcrowded, and by the way you describe their voracious appetites they may be cornish X with their own intrinsic problems. We need some more information to try to define the problem.
Well actually...I have no Idea what breed they are. I know for sure they arn't Conrish X chickens though. Oh and another thing is that their feathers feel really gross and coarse. I have them in a huge plastic container that is 4 feet by 2 feet.
I don't think the brooder is big enough for one. I believe the rule is one sq foot till they are two months, and then we go up to 4 sq.

Sorry I reread that and it sounded arrogant. Sorry about that.

Also is the place where you have them drafty?
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Something is likely wrong here (besides the sentiment that they only cost 3 dollars so it's no big deal...........but that's because I believe the value of a life bears no relationship to the cost in human money).

Glad that you're asking though, so that perhaps others can be spared. Your post wasn't too long, don't worry about that. A whole lot more info would actually be really helpful. You can help BYC folks help you by explaining exactly what their living arrangements, diet etc. are, very specifically. Everything you can think of. Can you also possibly post pics of the birds and their living arrangement - this may help folks a great deal in IDing them and diagnosing the situation (if you haven't done that before, there's a great explanation in one of the 'stickies' - one of us can direct you to it). What temperature do you think it is in the area where you have them? Did you buy these munchkins at a feed store?

Folks here will do all they can to make sure no more new lives are lost.

(please don't buy any more anytime soon!)

I give them medicated pellets and yes, I got them from a feed store. The water is tap too. I will get a bigger container for them and see if that helps. As far as the temperature in the container goes, my hand starts to sweat when I put it in the container and they are in a room with no breeze. I also change the bedding once every 3-4 days. I check on them many many times a day because I love chickens
and i love playing with them. The first one died from an unknown cause and the second one was laying on it's back and one of the bigger ones stepped on him...many times...I got to my little fellow too late, I wish I could have saved hime
I will post pictures of them on here as soon as I can.

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