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Sep 8, 2013
So we got our 3 girls Katie, Frankie and Chloe last Sunday, they're black australorps around a year old. Chloe started laying for us on Tuesday and we've had 4 lovely big eggs from her however Katie and Frankie have shown no interest in laying. I'm not overly bothered as I know that the move probably unsettled them and they'll (hopefully) start soon but is there anything I can do to make them feel more comfortable and encourage them to lay?

Apart from making them as comfortable as possible, feeding them well and minimising stress there isn't much you can do. They will lay when they feel ready to and hopefully it won't take them too long. I've been told that a little ACV (apple cider vinegar) in the chickens drink water helps them deal with stress, so if you want to give it a try the ratio I use for my chickens is 4-5 tablespoons per gallon water. Don't give it to them in a metal waterer though, use plastic. Hope you get some more eggs soon!
Thanks - have just come home to 2 eggs today so one of the others has caught on too!

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