New Chickie's First...


9 Years
Jun 26, 2010
Western Washington
I just gave my chickies their first meal worms today. They went completely NUTS (after they determined that the worms weren't going to kill them). It was sooo funny! Salsa, our little Hamburg, figured it out first and started doing a whirling durvish through the brooder shreeking all the way! Then the others figured it out and chaos reined!

So, who else has had a 'first' today with their fuzz butts?

2 are three weeks and 2 are two weeks. They have chick grit and are doing great!

Edit to add: I should note I got them the 'small' meal worms. None were longer than half an inch or so and there were a few punny ones that were maybe a quarter inch.
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I'm hitting them with the crickets in another week or two. I want to make sure they're a little better coordinated before I let loose snacks that can actually move relatively speedily.

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