New chickies with momma~ when to release them into the general population


7 Years
Mar 21, 2012
Our first time with a broody hen resulted in 5 little chickies. All are doing well at 1.5 weeks. We put the babies and momma in a seperate run that is 4x8. We also have 5 black Ameruacanas that are 17 weeks old and 3 hens that are 29 weeks (like the momma). When can Wilma and her babies be let out of the run for a good stretch and scratch without fear of the other two flocks?
i just added mine broody hatched one chick.the chick is three weeks old.the broody did not want to be seperated from her flock any longer.she kept getting out of the run and blending in with the flock.i fiqured mom nows best.yes i was very nervous and watch them for awhile.her flock mates paid no mind to the chick.but they did peck mom.but i never seen any just avoids them when she mom wants to roost and her little chick is so small compared to the others.they are young and still peck and shove each other off the roost board.tonight i will let her and the chick roost with the flock.
Momma Wilma does get upset when one of the other hens gets close to the chicks, even with the run walls in between. With 5 of them, I wonder if she will be able to protect all of them. Not to mention we have a cat Boogie. He has been raised with the chickens and eats with them and hangs around them. He does "play" with them. Chasing them and they chase him. chicks on the other hand can be hurt easily.
before my pullet went broody she was the head of the pecking order.after she hatched out her one egg,i seperated her from her other flock mates.she was in the same run.but with chicken wire seperating them.after i entergrated her and her chick back into the flock.she is at the bottom of the pecking order.she will run from the other pullets.but she tries to get inbetween them and her far i have not seen them bother the chick at all.but at 4 weeks of age the chick can and does get out their way.i thought she would be agressive toward her flock mates,being a mom.but she has become very timid.

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