New chicks arrived... I told a small lie.


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Apr 8, 2008
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On Monday, I received 26 day old chicks from Hoover Hatcheries (via my local Feed store) I was expecting to find 1 or 2 that didn't survive the trip but no they all were healthy. I have 3 RIR, 3 SLW, 3 White Leghorn, 3 Buff Orps, 13 Jumbo Cornish. I know I said 26 that's because I haven't figured out which one is the extra. I'm hoping it's an exotic.

I started off by giving them water in the 1 quart waterer with about 1 cup of Pedialite. I don't know why I added the Pedialite but it sounded good to me. Maybe has too much sugar. I made sure each one of them drank water before I added the food which ended up being about an hour later. I'm feeding them the Duro or Durmo Chick starter which I purchased at Tractor Supply.

My brooder is two 95 quart Rubbermaid containers which I mended together. I started with 100 watt bulbs but have since reduced it to 75 watt.

Now, this may sound kind of dorky or geeky but I'm planning on placing one of my wireless web cameras in the brooder so I can watch them during the day. If I can figure out how to stream it to my web site I'll let everyone know.

Anyway, my lie was to my two sons, (2.5 and 4.5 years old). When we discussed getting the chickens we were worried they would never want to eat "their pets". So I made a deal with my 4.5 year old that we'll keep a journal of who lays eggs and who doesn't. I told him if one isn't laying eggs then we have to get rid of it. I asked him what should we do with the ones that don't lay eggs, his response, "we should just eat them".

Now, should I feel bad...

Mainly, i want to thank all the wonderful people on this board. With all the messages I've been reading it has made this seem like a piece of cake.

Father of 2 DS, 1 bird dog, 1 cat. Will my bird dog go cross eyed if she stares too long at the brooder.


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Jan 25, 2008
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Will my bird dog go cross eyed if she stares too long at the brooder?

I don't know, but my Boxer, who never has much drool issues, stood stock still, except for the ever-lengthening string of drool.


Good luck with the new additions.


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Feb 10, 2008
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I grew up on a farm and it was always explained to me which animals were pets and which were for eating. I think as long as you have some pet chickens and discourage any attachment to the others (they will only be around a couple months anyway) your older son at least will understand. I would have been very upset if one of my pets had been eaten, but I was fine with eating our cornish crosses. I remember that I did not visit them very often.
Don't feel bad. I do believe that kids should know where their food comes from as soon as they are able to understand.


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Mar 22, 2008
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i told my kids straight up that the male chicks are raised for eating and we'll keep the females for the eggs. They didnt have problems . I just cant cull and prepare them in front of them.


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Apr 8, 2008
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I do a lot of hunting for pheasant and I've never culled in front of them. I don't plan on doing anything like that in front of them. I do agree that it's important for them to understand where food comes from. I don't want them to think the only place to get chicken is from the store.

Does anyone know if it's bad to give them a little Pedialite?

Farmer Kitty

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Don't give pedilite unless they are showing signs of/you have reason to believe dehydration!

When we got our chicks the girls were told right out that we may keep some but, some would be butchered. But then we are farmers and this is what they have grown up with.

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