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7 Years
Mar 30, 2012
SE Missouri
I have some brand new chicks just out of the incubator. Put them in the brooder which is 3 ft by 2 ft large and only 4 chicks.
I had one light bulb which was keeping the temp at 90 but they looked cold so i replaced it with a heating light.
It is strong and very warm .I put my hand in it feels like the incubator temp was but may get hotter if you are in that spot for awhile
I tryed to put it where they werent too hot and there is plenty of room to move away from it but are they smart enough at this age TO move away if it gets too hot?
Thanks ahead for any repsonse.
No worries--they will move away if they are hot and there is a cooler place to go. And they will move toward the heat if they need to get warmer.

What's the temp at right under the lamp?
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Lay a thermometer on the floor of the brooder, under the lamp. If it is 95 or higher, just raise it up a few inches. You'll have to do this in a week or two or three anyhow.

Don't rely solely upon thermometers. Judge the chicks body language, It is far more accurate. If they huddle and pile under the lamp, they're cool, if they move away, they're warm, and for goodness sake, if they seem to stand, hold their wings out and pant? They're cookin' which is very dangerous. Thermometer are good for getting things "close" but nothing beats just gauging by the chicks themselves. Enjoy.
It's not "smart" so much as "instinct". At this age they'd go under momma when they get cold, so they'll move closer to a heat lamp.
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