New chicks coming....first timer here!


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Feb 27, 2008
Madison, Wisconsin
We have quite a variety of critters around here, dogs, cats, horses, goats, donkeys, rabbits, and a Macaw, and I'm bringing some mixed breed chicks home the end of this week. They were hatched in my son's kindergarten classroom. I've always wanted a few chickens, just for pets...I had a few years ago...but got them as adults, these guys were just hatched last week.

Tomorrow I am going out to get everything I need for them, but I'm not exactly sure how many we'll be coming home with yet, so I may get just a large box with a screen for the top to use until I have a number.

I'm learning a lot on this site and taking notes as I'm reading! One thing I would like to ask...I plan to build a coop as they get older/larger, and am not sure, but am guessing roosters may fight? I have a neighbor who would like some chickens around her farm as well, so my question is, if I may have to worry about roosters arguing down the road, is there a way, early on, to sex them visually?



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Oct 29, 2007
Our first chicks were rorm a school hatch last year, we got 4 chicks and 3 were roos! Apparently there are always more males than females. We still have the roos, they fought a little till they learned their order. We did go buy more adult hens to make the roo/hen ratio more even.
I don't think the roos will go to the neighbors to fight unless the properties are very close together.
Build a coop larger than what you need, because you will definitely want more (I have 11 in the coop, and 11 in the brooder).


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Aug 25, 2008
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Haha! Saw your name and went to your page!

Im in love with Grullas too!

Im sooooooo jealous of your mini grulla!!! I have been looking for one FOREVER...(so incase you need to ever
I read the story!

Here is my Grulla gelding..why they gelded him I dunno..I have his "cousin" and I know that they could have registered him AQHA, but gelded him and didnt! He has great primitive markings and a 2 tone mane too!

Silly people!!


His cousin..APHA apricot dun overo "Ruca"

Thanks for letting me share!

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