New chicks introduced to coop in cold


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It looks like my final total is three fuzzy chicks. From my past (and first) experience the chicks will have to go outside at about 5 weeks. Last time this is about when they started getting a mind of their own with the curiosity and strength to do stuff..... like fly out of the brooder and run around the house.

Obviously I didn't plan this very well, but the chicks will need to go outside with the other twelve grown chickens the first or second week in November. Chances are it will be cold, so do you have any pointers? I thought I'd gradually lower the temp in the brooder and at least start getting them acclimated to the colder temps rather than move them from a 90 degree brooder to the 40 or so degree outside.

Anything else? I have no idea if my chickens will take them in immediately, so I figure I can't plan on the hens to keep them warm. At that point my existing chickens will be about 8mo old.
You are gonna have to keep them seperate or the big ones will peck the little ones. I have almost 7 month olds that I am just letting the 16 week olds in the same coop. Tonight will be their first night. They have free ranged together for about 2 months. I have 9 week olds in another coop and have 5 week olds that are going out tonight . The coop I have for the 9 week olds has a seperate room where the 5 week olds will stay til they get bigger. My rule of thumb is and I'm sure others have different opinions that if they are roughly the same size then introduce.

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