New chicks just arrived


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Jun 1, 2009
Our new babies arrived this morning. They appear to all be doing great. I have introduced them to the food and they can't seem to get enough. Is it ok to leave the feeder in the brooder with them full time (besides for cleaning). The real question being whether or not they will overeat like a goldfish.
good luck with the new babies, I leave the feed in at all time's and they some to be doing great growning like weeds. I'm new at this so i hope i'm doing the right thing too
That's good to know. I understand that they didn't eat during the shipping. It just seems that they haven't stopped. LOL
unless they are meat birds you leave the food all the time....with meat birds after they are a certain age you leave it 12 in 12 out (or atleast that is what I have read)
congrats! i *hopefully* get my chicks next week - they ship on monday! i hope i have the same good fortune of safe and healthy chicks:p
I got mine today, too. They're finally quiet! They were starving and thirsty. Now that they've pigged out they're all sleeping.

Let them eat!

Where did you get yours from??

I got mine from Stromberg's. I went to a chicken swap event at Tractor Supply and met a really nice gentlemen who had been raising Bantams for 70 yrs. He recommended them.
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