new chicks, no clue what breed!


9 Years
May 19, 2010
my pics suck, but its all i got...i have 9 new chicks, i know one is a rir or new hampshire...the others not sure.

yellow w\\ white, the legs on this one are almost the same color as my EE but not as rich

this one is dark brown with the stripes on the back


i have 4 of these, 2 have combs that are smooth with a bump in the back, the other 2 have combs like everyone else, thought maybe 2 diff breeds..they have black legs except for the toes

i have another brown one that i couldn't get a good pic has some faint markings on its back and around the face is yellowish...i tried looking at pics of other chics but when i thought i was sure i knew what one was i would find another breed that fit the description! thanks so much! oh they are supposed to be all brown egg layers.
I'm new - but could the last one be a Barred Plymouth Rock?
The dark brown - an Easter Egger (mine are a bit lighter colored brown, but same markings)

If you do a search on mypetchick dot com, you can see pictures of what the chicks of most breeds look like. Put in what you suspect and then look at those pictures.

Whatever they are, they are very cute!!!
from researching the bottom one could be austrolope,barred plymouth rock,jersey black giant, or dominique...they look too much alike for me to the fact that they have different combs,,2 are single and the other 2 i don't know(smooth with the bump in the back) i've been looking at everything and still confused!
ok i think i've got my black ones figured out...the single combs are BR and the others i think have rose combs could be dominiques..2 RIR..1NH....still not sure on the yellow\\white ones with the tinted feet yet
can it be an EE without colored legs...i have a 1 week old EE that has colored legs...this brown one dousn't have the chimpmunk face...i know my pics are bad i can try taking new ones....
I would agree the last pix looks allot like my Barred Rocks did, except there legs were dark but I wouldn't say black. Might be the pix quality but my Buff Orpington's were a little darker than the yellow ones here.

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