New Chicks on the Run

bearpaw 53

7 Years
May 27, 2012
Haven't seen or read anything on this YET, but when can I let the chicks go out in the RUN? We are new at raising chickens, so any suggestions? We've had the chicks for one week and they were between 1 and 2 weeks old when we bought them. We have a fenced in area right from the coop.They are getting bigger and feathers are starting to fill in on the chicks.
Also, should we cover the top of the run?

they should go out at 6-8 weeks old. if you have many hawks or airborne predators yes cover the top
they should go out at 6-8 weeks old. if you have many hawks or airborne predators yes cover the top
Your coop looks nice but snakes can still get in also and eat your chicks. Try to invest in some hardware cloth "rabbit wire" if you can and put in at least on the bottom two feet. At night, close them up so predators don't get them.
Thanks for the suggestions. We do have the three sides enclosed around the bottom of the coop to open to the "run" and also chicken wire buried a bit from the hog panels to the "outside" and the chicken wire running up the hog wires about 3 1/2 feet high. The chicks wouldn't be outside at night. When I do let them out to the "run" I'll let them out during the day between checking on the feed (1x/ morning & 1x/early evening). Does that sound sufficient for being out to the run?
My chicks are only 2 weeks old and I have started putting them outside i my garden for a few hours a day. If it's warm outside go ahead and let them out to eat bugs and get use to the grass. but watch them when they are outside. If they begin to get cold take them back in. They aren't old enough to realize that the coop is warm and huddling together outside wont keep ya very warm. :)

Also how tall is the fence? My parents chickens fly over their 6 ft tall fence. I suggest a top on it just to keep the chickens in.
yes if its warm they can go out but with out a top they are able to be taken by big birds and by the looks of it if you cats or fox or coytes they could get into that run I would put a top on it screen or somthing till they are full grown for there own safty but when they are older they will be able to fly over that

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