new chicks seem to be pooping on eachother... can I


9 Years
Aug 8, 2010
Oakland county ,MI
wash them off or will they get to cold? they huddle up sometimes and nap and thats when the get it on eachother. Most of the time they are spread out all over .. soo cute. so , can I was the little dears?
I would wash them. Sometimes mine will poop and it wont make it all the way off them and dries to their backside. If this happens you want to clean it off asap because it can block their vent and kill them. I just get a small bowl of really warm (not hot) water. Hold them above it for a minute or so with the poopy part in the water, and then gently wipe it off.

If you don't remove the poop, the others may peck at it and yank it off. Could hurt the chick, their skin is sensitive.

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