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Dec 16, 2010
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My little 8 month banty cochin hen is sitting on some eggs, and I candled one of her three eggs and there was a chick!! she is sitting on two of her own, and one of my full size EE eggs. My roo is a bantam so I'm not sure if the EE eggs will hatch. Can't candle that egg because the light won't go through the shell. My EE has rock shells on her eggs. I am sooo exited!!! Do I need to do anything when they (or it) hatch or will the mama take care of them??
That's the beauty of broodies, they take care of everything. All you need to do is provide food and water -- which I imagine you've figured out!

Don't let the chicks have layer feed, though. I just feed everyone flock raiser or grower and provide oyster shell and grit in separate containers. Your broody doesn't need the oyster shell right now, though, as she won't lay til she stops mothering.

A good article about broodies (though I don't manage them exactly the way they talk about:)

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