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May 19, 2012
Hello from Southampton, Hampshire, UK
Found this great forum due to investigating a louse infestation of one chook - is that an odd thing, just the one hen?
I have a three year old Warren who became listless. On checking her I found lice and clumps of eggs near her vent. Since then I have bathed her and thoroughly blow dried her. Her comb went blue for two days from the shock which concerned me! Now using powder containing citriodiol since bathing her did not seem to be effective. I only have the two chooks so do not have a great deal of experience. They are on shavings which are changed weekly and I use a blow torch on the wood to kill mites. Any advice on best practices will be gratefully received.


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Jun 28, 2011
Hello and welcome to BYC.

Sorry to hear about your hen. Ask your local pet shop, feed store or vet which powders to dust her with. I'm using karbadust (don't know if you get it in the UK). I put some in a big bag, put the chickens in one by one and shook the bag. Had some mad, white chickens, but it got rid of the bugs!

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