New Coop and Bee Hive Build-Looking for Input


May 8, 2015
Attached is a 3D mockup of what I am looking to build for my chickens and 2 Bee Hives. I currently Have 5 hens with one which is raising 9 chicks (not sure on the sex but will keep only the pullets). So, That being said, I am looking to Build a new larger coup with 4 nest boxes and large enough to fit 10-12 hens. Dimensions can be seen below in the last photo and the height will be 4ft tall. For those of you concerned with access to the top of the hives, the two roofs above the nesting boxes and hives will either be removable or hinged to flip up and rest on rest of the roof. Also, most times, the hives won't have two honey supers (top two box compartments of the bee hives) on top so they won't be that tall all the time. Im thinking of starting this build this week and constructed this drawing to help with dimensions when cutting and would love any and all input.
The following things are what Im wondering:
1. For those of you that keep bees, will the access on the sides and tops when the roof is removed be enough to care for the hive (I'm just starting out beekeeping this year. Also, how well do your bees and chickens live together.
2. Are the current dimensions, number of nesting boxes, and three perches enough space for 10-12 birds? It should be known that they only stay in the coop when its night time or when they go lay, otherwise they have access to a 300 sf closed in run but generally to my entire yard. I just calculated and can put in 100-200 inches of roosting space inside this sized coop.
3. Suggestions for outer siding materials.
4. Where should I put vents or windows/how many should I have?
5. Should the base be removable for cleaning and should i make it out of wood planks or something else?
6. Other inputs certainly welcome : )

Thanks in advance and I hope to hear from all of you.

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Feb 14, 2015
I would be a little concerned about the bees going inside the chicken house and picking up chicken poop on their feet and tracking it over the honey cells.

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