New Coop and run project nearly complete.


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Jun 2, 2020
hi everyone. thought i would share my coop and run project that i am completing. it really has turned out great so far. it is 4'X8' coop attached to my existing shed. i created a fully vented sofit with 15" overhang which is covered in hardware cloth . the run is 15' x 8' with one angled section letting me have access to the nesting boxes and window. the run is covered in 14ga 2x3 wire fencing with an apron i covered with 411 gravel and will compact. the bottom 3ft is covered in hardware cloth as well. as you can see this run is on a slope and we live right along the river so i have plenty of predators to contend with here. i also filled the run with river sand/stone i dug up with my tractor from the river. i have a pullet shut large auto door from chickendoors on the way. i finished the surrounding perimeter of the run, coop and shed with 411 gravel. i have to paint everything yet and make minor tweeks here and there. my buffs are 6 weeks old and they are loving it so far. here are some pics of the project.


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