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    Hello! We built a new coop for our 3 chickens and 1 turkey, which is just across the pen from their old coop. We have partially dismantled the old coop. Since the move about 10 days ago, one of our chickens has not laid any eggs (she was laying an egg every 1-2 days before the move.) She is a five year old barred rock hen. We moved the nesting boxes from the old coop to the new coop to keep things familiar. The new coop is smaller than the old coop. The area below her crop (mid-chest) is slightly hard. She is not acting sick - she eats, drinks and poops without problem, and is walking normally. Is it dangerous that she hasn't laid? Could it be egg impaction? Or is she still just getting used to her new home? Thanks!
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    I don't know what egg impaction is and usually hens only take a day to adjust to their surroundings. Hens egg production is strong for the first year of its life then it drops to the occasional egg laid a day so with your hen it could be just that or it stopped laying all together.
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    Welcome to BYC, sorry you're having concerns.
    All birds react to change differently, some hardly miss a beat and others are stressed for weeks afterwards.
    As to the hard lump under her crop, are you sure it's not the crop itself?
    Have you kept track of her crop location and function in the past?
    Some older birds have pendulous crops.
    Egg impaction/binding would be likely to show at the other end of the bird.
    Examine her abdomen and vent for any swelling.

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