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10 Years
May 23, 2009
My granddaughter's little black cochin was being picked by the other hens, so we decided to build her a tractor/coop of her own. It was finished today, about 6 days too late... a racoon killed the hen last Saturday, :eek:( .....we don't like racoons around here!!!....
But at least, the other hens will like the new coop. It's build like Fort Knox.. NOTHING will get into it!

The coop is a combination of a bunch of coops posted online. Keep in mind, I am in no way a carpenter. Things are a little crooked here and there, but it's sound.
I did decide one thing while building it, Florida can be crazy hot in September!! especially when you're trying to build a chicken coop.

Here's pics of the finished coop;




awesome job!!!! Sorry to hear about the coon tho, but who ever gets that coop will be very glad to be there. And for anything you might see that might be crooked (my coops full of them) should be ok as long as you don't give your hens tape measures
(just kidding) I can almost see your hens dancing for joy in this coop
I named my coop "The Crooked Coop", now I just say, oh that? that's like that on purpose!! Hens don't care. Just paint everything the same colour, and do lots of stencilling!! That's how I do it anyhow.
Definitely Fort Knox...I don't see an crooked. Poor little chicky, so sorry. Whoever gets the priviledge of going in there will be very lucky.

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