New Coop in the Making!


7 Years
Mar 8, 2014
Western PA
This weekend was the perfect weekend to get a start on my new coop! Along with the help of a few family members and my boyfriend, we were able to get the framing up yesterday! It still has a long way to go but i'd say we had a successful day. Its definitely a great learning experience for us younger folk and a great project to start just as the weather is stating to come around. We had our hands full as far as help goes (everyone in the family wants a say and to get their hands dirty. And I have a HUGE family.) And I am so blessed to have so many interested in my project. Couldn't have had a better day yesterday!

So far so good! Should have a finished project by next week depending on what free time we'll have. Hopefully well be lucky enough to have some more good weather this week! Cant wait to share my finished coop and more details!

Have a good week everyone!

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