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    Well, our new coop took a lot longer to get together than we expected so our hens and this year's chicks weresplit in separate coops at night, free ranging together during the day. We moved all 22 into the new coop without any integration issues. The coop has cement block foundation, Hardin paneling, and wood frame construction. We use the vinyl corrugated roofing due to height and weight of installation issues (we're not getting any younger). Original intent was to use poop boards and maybe that will be phase 2 but for now, we are using a combo of stall dry and 4-5 inches fine pine shavings on a dirt floor. I'll add more dry materials over the next couple of weeks.

    Nest box will get moved outside and to the end in the next few weeks and we'll add a second one. The newbies aren't laying yet so one large box inside works fine for the older girls for now,

    Coop is 8x10 and the run is 10x20. They free range most days. Openings are all covered with 1/2" hardware cloth which worked great in the old coops. Run is the welded type is dog kennel panels,reinforced with hardware cloth and 2x6s at the corners and doors where there were gaps. We also have an 18" apron coming out from the bottom around the kennel. Run is covered with a tarp over half and bird netting over the other half for now.

    I did get a Coop Tender Door. It's not the solar one, we were running cable for another project so I have power in the new coop. Yay! It's been installed a couple weeks and works like a dream. I have not setup the wireless function yet, just because of lack of time but it goes up and comes down like clockwork. I'm thrilled with how easy it was to install and how well it works. I'll do a separate post once I feel like I've given it a good test run.

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    Very nice.

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