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Oct 9, 2018
So, this spring I got caught with a brooder full of chickens and an incubator full of chickens that needed to move to the brooder.
I quick built a 3x5 elevated coop, 4' tall. With 1/4 mess floor and a roost, to buy me some time. In normal fashion, I procrastinated and found winter coming on fast, do I covered the mesh in a cardboard Amazon box from a drunk shopping night, stick bricks in the corners and covered it in 3" of straw to stop drafts.
I finally got to building my walk in coop. Being in MN, we get some freaking cold wind chills, but being a hockey coach, I am often gone for several days at a time and still want my chickens to have the freedom to go outside when they want, so I kept the small coop as a "front porch" and cut a 2nd hole in it to the walk in coop.
I moved thr food and water, along with the water heater, to the walk in, along with laying boxes and s much better roost, then I locked all the chickens in it for 2 days while it was below freezing out. Finally I opened up the access to the "porch" and they were all free to roam again.
So they use the walk in for feeding and drinking and I find a few eggs on the floor, not the nesting boxes, but if I go out there at night, the walk in is empty and they are all in the very drafty "porch".
What do I need to do to get them to go into the coop? I was thinking about removing the roost in the porch or locking them into the walk in for a few more days?
Yep, need more info:
-your flock size(numbers, ages, genders),
-your coop(size in feet by feet with pics, inside and out).
Also, how long since they moved into this new coop?
I have 12 chickens in the run, 2 roosters and 10 hens. Most are 5.5 months, a few are 4 months and they are a barnyard mix. The original coop is 3x5, the addition is 4x8 and I built it 2 weeks ago although I still need to shingle the roof. They still have to enter the original coop from outside, but they all go into the addition every day, cause I put their food and water there. The food will be going back into the original coop. For now, it doesn't really matter where they roost, but next month when we have negative highs and even lower wind hills, I want them in the non drafty section.
The first picture is the whole coop (original section is on the right), the 2nd is looking into the addition and the 3rd is looking into the original. My photogenic chickens keep blocking the access between the two coops.
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