New coop


Chickens Ate My Brain
9 Years
Sep 9, 2010
Here's what's gonna be our new "ultimate coop." Any suggestions?? I have some window I want to add. The table with metal boxes will be taken out and I will build next boxes to attach to that wall. I think 14 X 14. Maybe 3 rows of 4. The wall to the right of that is the North wall (it has a hay rack on it, which will come off). I don't think I'll put anything on that wall. The wall to the left of the metal boxes is where I'd like to add windows and our roosts. When you are walking into the building, I plan on building out further to the East and hopefully include a storage area and brooding area. The outside walls will be completely replaced and I plan on adding fencing around the bottom on the outside of the building (going out about 1 foot and up the walls about 1 foot) to help deter things crawling in. Thoughts?? Suggestions?? Gonna start demolishing the outside walls this weekend.




it was actually a kid barn. Goats and rabbits we our main interests growing up and this is were the new baby goats went so they wouldn't nurse off the mothers. For those not familiar with showing goats, you don't want the babies nursing off the mothers because it may damage the shape of their utters.

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