New Crazy Chicken Lady!

Aug 19, 2019
Statesboro, GA, USA
Hey, everyone! My name is Kristen, and I'm the proud, new owner of 8 chicks. I had chickens growing up, but this will be my first time taking care of my own flock.

A little about me: I'm 28, married, and a SAHM of two! I have a daughter (4) and a son (2), and we live in Statesboro, GA. I do have some health issues, most likely Multiple Sclerosis, so some days I have a hard time getting around. On days that I'm feeling good, I love weight lifting, horseback riding, and working in the garden.

About my chickens: I have nicknamed them the Flower Flock. It took me months to convince my husband that we should have chickens, and the final bargaining chip was to point out that he had failed to get me flowers for our wedding anniversary. I have two Buff Orpingtons, Daisy (the bossy one) and Chicky Winky (aka Rosie, but don't tell my daughter ), who is the sweetest of them all! I have a Barred Rock (Violet), affectionately called the trouble-maker of the group, but she's really a big sweetheart that sticks up for the smaller chicks. I have a Sapphire Gem named Jasmine, who's a bit of a loose cannon, but always entertaining. I have 2 EEs, named Lily and Ivy, a SLW named Poppy, and a mystery chick named Hazel. They were brought home today, so I haven't been able to get to know them as well as the others.

I look forward to talking to all of you soon! ❤️
Haha... I gave up naming mine a long time ago except for the boys... there aren’t as many of them and they’re easier to tell apart. You’re doing great. I’m betting you’ll love it here. Lots of good companionship and good advice. Welcome to the crazy chicken lovers of the world hang-out. :thumbsup
Awesome introduction! Welcome to BYC! Happy to have you! Feel free to post pics of your cutie chicks! Everyone here is backyard bird crazy also!:jumpy


I'll have to post pictures tomorrow once I get some good shots of the new girls!


Welcome!! Happy to have you here! My SIL and my best friend both also have MS! Stay strong!!! I know some days feel impossible! I love the names of your chicks! We've named a few of our 24 but haven't named them all yet. Glad you've joined us!!

Thank you! It has definitely been a major adjustment. ❤️
:welcome Kristen. We are glad that you joined us. Hopefully we will all benefit from your experience and you will learn from us.
BTW what does SAHM stands for??

It's for Stay At Home Mom.

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