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I have been trying to create a duck housing database. While this will not be as good as the chicken coop system I hope it will work.

Here is the basic layout. You create a personal page. To do this click My Page from the top forum bar.
Title is small, medium, large duck coop etc.
Than describe your coop. You might talk about what you keep in it, how many it holds, what you like and dislike about the system. Make sure to post lots of pictures of it. If possible post pictures of the construction as well. It would also be very helpful to explain your watering system which is very important for ducks.
If your coop is designed to hold 5 ducks or less it should be a small coop. If it holds up to 25 ducks it should be a medium coop. If it holds more than 25 ducks it is a large coop. There is also a separate section for Muscovy and wild duck, like Mandarins and Wood ducks. Please show pictures of things like roosts etc for these pens. When your page is created pm me the link, and a thumb of your coop and tell me which section it should be posted in. You might also put a small title like Small Runner duck home, or large Muscovy barn.

This is still new. Please post your feedback and suggestions here.

To look at coops that have been submitted already view below.

Large duck housing

Medium duck housing

Small duck housing

Muscovy and wild duck housing
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Mine live in a ten by ten portable area with a dog crate for shelter.. so I guess i wouldnt qualify.. But I love to see others setups..
I'd love to add mine to the database when its finished, it'll be a small duck house that is moveable and big enough to accomodate 5 smaller ducks (Buff Orps).
I got the first duck coop. It is up now. I can not wait for more!

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