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May 17, 2012
Unplanned new duck owner here! Rather astounding, but my sister-in-law was out in the driveway and my one year old nephew sat down in the grass. A tiny mallard duckling comes out from under her car and goes right up to him, no mama duck in sight, and the baby still had his egg tooth. She snapped a picture with her phone and then scooped it up and brought it inside.

Since they don't do well alone, I headed over to a farm store with a friend and picked up two domestic ducklings to raise along with it. A fawn and white runner, and a rouen. So far so good! It's only been about three weeks, but they're growing so fast! They've been living in my room thus far, but I just finished building them a 8x4 run out in the backyard, and I'm predator-proofing an old rabbit hutch for later. They're eating Dumor chick starter and getting bits of greens floated in their water for treats.

Here's a couple older pics of them, I need to get some new ones now that they're getting their feathers in.
The runner has been named Kiwi, the rouen is Scooter, and the mallard is Munchkin.

I'm not sure I'll be keeping them permanently, since I still live with my parents and my dad isn't all that fond of them. I've fallen in love with the little fluffs though. They're so entertaining! A little annoying at times when I leave the room and they start calling for me, mainly because I imagine my parents don't like hearing it. But for now, I shall enjoy them!

I also need some advice or opinions. My friend picked up a pair of ducklings as well when I got mine, and they're doing well. But she also recently found two ducklings that she believes to be wood ducks based on size and looks. Sadly, one was less active and ended up not making it, so now she has a lone duckling. It seems to be doing ok, it doesn't cry, and it's eating and sleeping under the lamp. She can't put it with the older domestics because they try to mob it when it's within range. The store we got our ducks from only has older ducks at the moment, and the wood duckling is tiny still. It also runs from hands and bites when cornered. Any ideas?
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There's instructions on how to tame chicks on the home page, and I think that might work for this little fellow too. Is it possible to order two day-old ducklings by mail for the ducklings to have a couple friends? I know Metzer has a minimum order of 2 ducklings (they put a heat-pack in, so that keeps them warm on the trip), but the heat-pack adds $12.00 to your order. When you add the price of the ducklings and the price of shipping, that could come out to be around 20 something dollars. Also, do you know if your friend is able to keep 3 more ducklings along with the others?
Just thought I'd update my own thread with some new photos!

And myself with the duckies in their new run! The whole top flips up on hinges for this purpose. My mom scared the ducks when she walked up so they all ran over to me.
Very cute ducks!
They're very cute pictures. I love the first one in your second post! :lol:
Sorry, I don't really have any ideas for your wood duck (we get a lot of those round here) but good luck anyhow. :) I would think it would be okay on its own for a while, until you guys can find it a friend or two!
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