New duck mom here and one of my pekins laid their first egg and I need help!!


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Sep 18, 2020
So I’m new here and new to having ducks. It started as a spontaneous quarantine “activity” and has pretty much taken over my life. I have two Pekin ducks that were due to start laying eggs soon and today I went to clean their house and discovered our first egg! It seemed to be a good first egg from what I could tell as it had a hard shell. I wasn’t sure which one of my girls had laid the egg at first, and while I’m not 100% sure I think it was miss Lily. The only reason I’m thinking this is because her vent seemed to be stretched which I’m assuming is normal, but what concerns me is that she’s had a nearly constant milky/clearish discharge coming from her vent all day. I’ve been looking online for hours and haven’t found anything similar so I’ve decided to post here! I just want to know that she’s healthy and not in any pain and if I should be concerned so if anybody has ANY input I would very much appreciate hearing from you!

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Jul 19, 2016
Pictures of the white/clear stuff coming out of her vent would be helpful. Is she eating and drinking normally, or drinking more than she's eating? Have you seen her produce any solids in her feces or just the white stuff?

It is hard to exactly determine what the discharge maybe, but it's possible, and often happens with new layers, is a soft-shelled egg break in their oviduct which could cause her to produce such a thing for the rest of their day.

I will say, on several occasions I've seen full-grown laying females walking around with white-sticky cum like substance drooling from their vent area. I've never had any problems after I witnessed that so perhaps it's normal.

If today, she continues to only produce the discharge, and no solids, it would be best to have her examined by a vet as there could be something going on internally that were not able to see.

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