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Jun 24, 2016
So I am looking at introducing a 6 week old female runner duckling to my flock of 2 males & 1 female runners that are 13 weeks old. I was advised by some folk on here I either needed to thin out my males or add another female, due to conflict that will probably occur in the near future. Will a 6week old be ok to add with my 3 already? Could she be harmed? Could they reject her? Am I best finding an older female/same age? The new duckling is from the same man I got my 3 from but he has no females that are older than 6 weeks.

My 3 are currently in molt & I'm starting to see behaviour changes. My female is incredibly bossy/dominant/noisy in the pool & my males must think they are the most beautiful drakes on earth. She also sticks her butt in the air whilst in the pool (I don't mean ducking her head in the water, I mean just sticks her butt up a little like she's flirting?) will this behaviour be bad to have around a new baby duckling (whatever this behaviour is)? I don't want to add a young one for something bad to happen to her & of course I don't want conflict between the 3 I have now :( any advice on this would be great as a few of you already know I'm very much a newbie to duckies! Thanks.
It all depends....In general it is easier to add Ducks the same age. Some Ducks do not accept young Ducks that are still peeping...I tried doing it and it seemed to go well the first three days till my one hen grabbed the little bugger and swung it by its neck...I sold the two little Ducklings and prefer to add birds that are the same age or mature and Quacking.
If you have another pen to use during the introduction then get ducklings....
Thanks for the advice. I'll stick with finding a female the same age or quacking, as I only wanted to add one more to equal male and female numbers & i don't think a young duckling would be happy in a separate pen on its own. Thanks again!x
Also do not be alarmed once you find a Hen to add. Their will be chest bumping and neck tying in order to establish a rank in the flock. The best way to introduce Ducks is to free range and let them figure it out. Might look bad but its really not...
Again, thanks for the advice. i can still put them all to bed together though right? The same night? mine are currently sleeping in the garage as we have a very persistent mama fox, she didn't get to them but they went into shock for a day or 2 last time she visited & caused a little damage to the house. I have found a flock of 14 week old runners, so I'm going tomorrow to pick a new female, beautiful colours to choose from too. Considering I didn't go with my partner to get the 3 I already have (it was a surprise & I didn't speak to him for a week after :) ) is there anything I should avoid/lookout for/check over when I see the flock?

Sorry for all the questions, I literally would be going out of my mind if it wasn't for you guys!!x
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Do you think you ought to get a few more females? Not sure but I was under the impression the ratio should be 1 male to 3 or 4 females to avoid over mating. Since you're going there anyway.
I have read that for a small flock, less than 10 ducks, pairs are fine. That didn't stop me from ordering 6 more females, but since you already had a fight about the ducks...
Your probably right, but the way I see it is, I'm very new to ducks & personally if I had it my way, I would of preferred to just get a already paired pair but because of my wonderful partner surprising me with 3 5 week old ducks, I couldn't say no to their tiny little faces. I worry about every little thing because Im so new to ducks
so personally I think starting out with a small flock until I have a little more knowledge on these beautiful little creatures is the right thing for now. Who knows, I may end up with 50! Ha X

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