New duckling - second time around - relax and let nature take its course.

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  1. It is mid summer here in Australia. My Pekin Wendi had a batch of 6 in Spring which I have just rehomed the 4 survivors at 2 months. She laid a new batch - originally 6 eggs but only one hatched who I've called Singlet. She brooded the first 5 and I took them inside and raised them for 2 months. Partly because it was early Spring and a bit cold but also I hadn't done this before so was worried they'd die. Anyway Singlet was following mama around like a trooper and father Bob stood protector. She even went on the pond on her first day.

    I wonder whether people who raise backyard ducklings don't overplay things a bit instead of letting nature take her course. For example I have read many people on this site saying you shouldn't let ducklings on water till they are 9 weeks old! Really? Even my hand reared 4 were in water in a week (a bathtub) and on the pond a week later. Singlet was on the water the day she hatched. I was a little concerned if she could get out so put in some ramps. The second day she just jumped out at least twice her height.

    Maybe the answer is to just stand back and watch Nature do her thing. Sure it is tempting to jump in and help.

    Anyway here is a picture at day 2 of Singlet and her parents Bob and Wendi. Just after this she jumped in (and out again).

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    Nice to see summer!!!!

    I think you have some good thoughts here. My own personality is such that while I know generally natural processes nurture critters, there are exceptions.

    My Runners had their first bath - in a cake pan - when they were two days old. I did a good deal of reading, and there was a study that seemed to indicate the sooner they can swim, the sooner they start preening, which sounded pretty healthy to me. But, I have also read that ducklings without a duck mom (in my case since I was starting out, we had no duck mom) are at risk when in water, as they don't get any oil from their mother's feathers. Good point.

    We duck folk are a wide, wide range, aren't we? I am so glad Singlet and her parents - I love their names!! - are having a good summer.

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