New duckling walking weird and shaking, help!


12 Years
May 29, 2010
One of my Grimaud Hybrid Pekins is shaking. It also walks really weird, seems to have issues with it. Its chest is way down near the ground and it's butt up high, tail is tense and raised over it's back trying to keep balance. It's walking a little stiff on the right side, too.
Idk if it will be a normal duck or if it will die.
What are you feeding it? Ducklings need niacin, if you are using chick starter you need to give brewers yeast or niacin supplements. I'm not sure how much, I use game bird starter the first 2 weeks, then add in scratch or oatmeal to lower the protein after that. Gamebird and waterfowl feed contains niacin, without it ducklings may have leg problems. Sorry I can't be more help, hopefully someone else will be along soon. Good luck!
Forgot to add, try asking in the duck section. You'll probably get more duck related help there.

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