New ducklings


Jun 12, 2021
North Carolina
Bought three new ducklings to add to our flock today! We have three pekins and one goose who are 15 weeks old now. Obviously we will keep the babies separate for quite a few weeks for temperature control reasons, and safety reasons. Once they are big enough to be in the duck enclosure outside, what is the best method to introduce them?


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Usually its suggested to do an area within the run where the new ones can be set up but the older ones cannot touch them. Ducks are a little different than chickens though, so it might not take as long for intros.
If it were me, I would get them an area set up now either in the run or out in the yard where the older ones can see and get used to the idea there are new ducks. Pu them out there during the day or when you are out doing chores. I use a larger 4x4 dog kennel for intros - I've used this for new chickens and now new ducks. I've also set up temporary areas in the yard using leftover fencing. It makes the transitions smoother.
Once they are all together make sure to have multiple feed and water areas so that none of the ducks get bullied to stay away from food/water.

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