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Hi all,

Let me introduce myself.

First I wan't to appologize for my writing, because I am really Dutch and English is not my native language. Most of all I have to learn the English chicken language (names an abbreviatons). So please feel yourself invited to teach me if something is written unclear or wrong.

I have 3 small hens in different colours (pearl gray?/pyle/partridge?) who have since a week of 5-6 , 8 baby chicks from natural breed. When I started a year ago I read a lot about keeping backyard chickens. Starting was not easy because some baby chicks died suddenly while growing up and one excaped. I bought Dutch Bantam hens but most of them became roosters which I had to return because I can't keep a noisy rooster here.

So I do have some little experience with chickens. But I still have to learn a lot.

In the Dutch rainy weather some of them got a cold. But happpily this is improving now.

For now I have no questions.

Looking forward to meet you all,
Hi, welcome to BYC!

Your English is very good so no worries about not being clear. It's nice to have you here! If you have any questions, feel free to ask questions. And if you have trouble with some of the "chicken talk", say so and someone will clarify it for you.

Good luck with your flock!
Welcome, wow, from Dutch. It will be great to see photos of your chickens there.
NorthFLChick is right..your English is really good, and if you need help, then ask. We are always excited to see folks from out of the country. BYC is getting around!
Welcome! Your English is very good! Good luck with your little dutch bantams! I too have a dutch they are a lot of fun!
Welcome to BYC! Please make yourself at home and we are here to help.

No worries on your english. We have lots of members join from all over the world who speak other languages.
I love your avatar! What a lovely picture of a mama hen with her babies!
It would be great if you could come in contact with others in your country who have chickens. They may have suggestions for helping your birds get through the bad weather.
Welcome to Backyard chickens. Do you have a covered run ( outdoor area) for them to help keep the rain off? That might help a little.
Thank you all for this warm welcome.

In the Netherlands there is a active chicken forum (kippenforum). But it is not alowed to post messages and starts discussions if you have another opinion as the moderator. And there is one person that is very hatefull to some of the members. For some reason she can go on with that behaviour. The atmosphere got nasty. That's why I started yo to look for another forum.
And the weather is not all bad here. Even better then the UK. There is 1m2 inside and there are 2 m2 outdoor which are covered. The young mothers didnt seek shelter with the young chickies when the weather was bad 2 weeks ago.
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