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Mar 29, 2016
Is it normal for a new hen to lay one egg and no more? She was 16 weeks old last week when she laid her first egg. Have not seen any more since. Her first egg was beautiful and large and normal looking. She just did not know where to lay it.
I just went through this same problem a couple weeks ago. At 19 weeks old one of my girls laid an egg and then nothing for next 11 days. It was hard to stay patient but let me tell you it was worth it because when she finally laid another egg, I saw 2! Another one of my girls decided to start laying! Since then, the first girl has only taken 1 day off, and the second girl is still holding champ and laying every day.
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YEAH, I am glad to hear that it is normal and I have more eggs to look forward to. Can't wait to get more. I am not sure who laid this egg, but, I have 6 - 17 week old pullets that should start laying pretty soon.
When a pullet first starts laying, her eggs will generally be irregular. Sometimes they lay within a week, sometimes within a day and sometimes within several weeks. Since your pullet is only 16 weeks, you have nothing to worry about. Just give her time and make sure she is eating, drinking and, otherwise, acting normally.
If it's a first egg don't worry. Remember she is working on new software and it takes a bit until everything gets in order. I'm surprised that her first egg was large, in my experience the first is usually smaller that what will become her regular size. 16 weeks is a bit on the young side too. depending on the breed, of course.

The large brown egg at bottom of screen is the newby. The other two are from Banty Hens. Not sure which SF it came from. They are 17 weeks now and it was found outside coop last week. I have a Swedish Flower Hen, an EE an Orp. a Wyandotte, Polish and a Brahma. All girls are squatting and sporting red combs and waddles.

I am wondering out this variety which would lay earlier rather than later. I am quite surprised it was a large egg and so pretty.
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