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    We have 2 BA hens, a BR hen and a BA rooster. The BR hen was the first and only so far one to start laying. She laid her first egg about a week and a half ago and has laid one almost every day since. We keep waiting for the two BA's to begin laying. Anyway tonight my husband went out to the coop to shut them in for the night. When he walked into the run the BR came running out of the coop where they'd already gone to bed and sat on an egg that was in the middle of the run. My husband petted her for a minute then she got off the egg and went back in the coop. The egg was much smaller than the others that she'd laid and she usually lays them in the coop. We're wondering whether she was trying to show him there was an egg there so he wouldn't step on it and was this even one of her eggs as it was a lot smaller than her other eggs. Would she have done this if the egg was laid by another hen? Was this a fluke or is she a really smart chicken? What are your thoughts?
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    Hmmm, could be any of the above, lol.

    Did you get an egg from her already today? If so, my guess is someone else has laid that egg.

    Just why she is claiming it as hers I have no idea - they are as crazy as Jatz Crackers these chickens, lol. I gave up trying to understand them long ago [​IMG]

    - Krista
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    Quote:Even if she's been laying awhile means nothing.Sometimes since she is a beginner,she will lay small eggs.Maybe even soft shelled.It could have been another's,but I am not sure if she was showing you that.Although when I opened the coop 1 day,my pullet walked right in that next box plopped and let me look.Maybe she was purposly doing it in my face to show me,or even brag.She was a beginner just like yours. Not only this,hens enjoy sitting in a next box with other eggs.For some weird reason they like it that way,so that's how I encourage my 2 and 1 year old hens to start laying again. Do not worry if the others haven't begun,chickens can live up to the teens.You shoulld get eggs between sometime in then
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