New egg layers or old?

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    Jul 13, 2016
    I picked up two new hens 3 weeks ago. A golden comet and a speckled sussex who were both supposed to be around 6 months old. Ive gotten 3 small light brown eggs from the comet and one very small very light egg from the sussex. Im not sure if they are just starting to lay or they are older girls. Can anyone tell from their pictures? Also, they both are laying in the feces under the roost bars, i have nest boxes set up with fake eggs to lure them but no luck yet. Help please![​IMG]

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    They don't look particularly old. New layers will often not know where to lay for a few weeks, and their eggs are smaller, so I would think they are exactly what you were told.
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    Where are your nest boxes? can they easily see into them?
    Moving them is stressful, it will take a while for them to figure things out.
  4. Tiny eggs are pullet eggs...They do look young...Being you just got them, they will be a bit confused and stressed by the other hens..Have no worries..They will use the nest boxes...

    Good luck with the Birds..


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