New eggs, giving hatching another try... will set tomorrow, anyone with me?


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Apr 26, 2012
Brooksville, Florida
Well, I have changed from my LG to a Hovabator and purchased some show girl eggs that came in the mail today and are settling. I really want these to hatch. I have read and reread different threads about humidity, etc so I am hopeful that this time I might get more than just one chick. :)

Anyone setting tomorrow too so we can wait together?
I'm not setting eggs today, but I'll join you. I have SQ Indian Runner eggs that were set on Monday, Muscovy and Calico turkey eggs set on Tuesday, Peafowl eggs set Thursday, & I'm expecting guinea eggs in today. So if they come in they should be going in the incubator sometime tomorrow (just gotta figure out where to put them
). All mine would be hatching a little later than yours though.

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