New English Buff Os

My English Buff Os came from Marc Sacre,( [email protected] } and I am very pleased with them. Two more Ps coming in a week or so, when this heat breaks. Marc is very knowledgeable, and a nice person to deal with too.
"Ps" stands for pullets. Their older sister who is now 15 wks old, is on my avatar photo actually taken at 11 wks. I goofed on her age..She has grown a lot, and has her proper tail coming in now. I am so pleased with her that I asked Marc to send me 2 more girls..".Ps". I already have a cockerel (K) from Marc.

Send Marc an email, and I'm sure he will help you if he can. These Buffs ARE pricey though, as there are so few in the US right now.

Good luck,

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