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Hi All!

Yesterday we decided to get some chickens after doing much research and having a new place big enough for our new pets. We got an Ameraucana and a Maran, both are 1 week old. I have had a lot of birds growing up but I'm already starting to see chickens are a whole different story.
Do you guys have any recommendations for me for my chicks to always be friendly to us and not feel in danger? Whenever I go in the room they're in I always talk to them before scooping them up. Also I've noticed my Maran will peck at the other one when i put him back in his brooder or peck at her if she is getting attention, is this normal?

Heres a picture of the girls! Name recommendations are welcome. We are still trying to get to know them and their personalities.



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Hello there and welcome to BYC!

Aww...that is adorable!! Congrats on your new chicks! It is natural for them to be nervous of you at first. They don't know your intentions and they think everything is out to eat them! So go slow with them. Lower your hand in the brooder very slowly, don't try to grab them from above but scoop them up for the bottom. Coming down on top if them is like a predator grabbing them. You can cup your hand over top of them as you scoop them up and they usually aren't too afraid.

Warm and chop up some hard boiled eggs. Put some in your hand and let them eat from your hand. This will help them learn that the hand is not that scary and that when you show up, good things happen. Chickens learn by positive reinforcement. Make every encounter a positive one and they will begin to trust you.

Another good bonding event is to lay down an old sheet on the living room floor and lock up the dogs and keep away all tiny children. (you don't want the kids to step on the chicks or the dog to eat them) Get the chicks out of the floor and sit down with them. They will instantly run for your lap. The floor is a scary place!! They will slowly leave your lap to explore only inches away from you. But this helps them to bond with you because you are their only source of comfort out on the floor. This also trains them up to be lap sitters. All my chickens are raised this way and they all beg to sit on my lap now. LOL

Long story short, it takes some time. Just keep working with them, picking them up, getting them out for field trips on the floor or even outside on nice days in a small enclosure so they can't escape or get eaten. And by the time they are ready to go outside to the coop for good, they will be quite bonded with you!

Chicks peck at everything. All they have is their beaks, so they touch, feel and sense everything with them. Pecking is natural. You can give them things to do in the brooder if they are bored. Cut down a small box and put things in there...sand, chick starter, alfalfa leaves, dried leaves from outside, etc....

I like to put branches from outside for roosting and playing on and as they get older I put in a 1x2 for them to start roosting on.

Good luck with your new babies and welcome to our flock!

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Chickens do get envious of the attention or treat one is getting. It's best if you can socialize with them at the same time -since you only have 2 - shouldn't be hard. It also makes them clamor for more attention.


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May 14, 2015
Orange County
Thank you all for the comments and help!
I posted this in the thread about silkies but that thread is crazy big so maybe someone here can help?

I really want a silkie and I've done research so I'm aware they don't provide many eggs and are very broody.
I have an ameraucana and a maran (pictured above), please keep in mind they are only 3 weeks old as of yesterday. I wanted to know
if its ok to get one (silkie) and if there will be any problems? We are planning to have 4 total, the other one is a Cochin,
whom i get to pick up next week and is also a baby.

Thank you!


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Welcome to the BYC flock! Sounds like you've got quite your own flock started! Personally, I like to name some of mine after book characters..

With holding them, a great way to get them more comfy with you is by feeding them fun foods. Personally, I like to use tomatoes for this as it's easy to tear up. My newest fifteen are absolutely loving tomatoes and they will be a week old on Saturday! Some chickens don't really like to eat while being held so sometimes it's nice to feed them a little before picking them up. On my brooders, I have poultry wire on top to stop them from flying out and some wood to weight it down on the sides.. It always startles them a little when I open it so offering some fresh treats calms them down and gets them more comfortable and accustomed to it happening as a regular occurence.

I agree with @TwoCrows as to having them on the floor and letting them explore a bit. I also find it nice for them to have a change of environment and a different area to explore, teaching them to be inquisitive and such.

Best of luck!

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