New filter design for frankenpond.


Sep 24, 2015
Well.....after a month of successfully filtering duck poop soup, I have found some weaknesses in the filter system.

First, the duck sludge routinely clogged my output so I would have to stop the system, disconnect the swirly filter and empty it.

Second, there was not enough capacity in the pond for my two full size duckers. Requiring that the filters work harder and the water over time never really cleared.

Finally, I question the need for the second stage bacteria filter. Bacteria filters are great for ponds with fish and plants, but mine only has two plump ducks, is not stagnant due to the flowing water, and I don't care about nitrites or nitrates so I'm going to remove it.

im going to add two 55 gallon drums, one for capacity and one to create, what will forever henceforth be known as super swirly.

I finished adding the capacity drum today, much to the displeasure of cocoa and bubbles.


I took 2" pvc fittings and threaded them into the existing 2" holes. From there I plumbed in the pump and the old swirly.

Now you know why I call it frankenpond


Here are the two displeased and displaced ducks clearly wearing there feelings on there bills.


Why daddy.....why???

More to come

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