New Flock Disaster!!!!!


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Jun 13, 2009
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Well, I've been lurking on here for awhile & learned alot. I finally decided to register this morning so I could vent about what happened last night. We ordered 27 beautiful baby chicks from Hoovers Hatchery at the end of March. We lost one the first night & sold 13 more after a few weeks. We have been raising the other 13 since then. They just turned 11 weeks old this week and were getting so big & pretty.
Well, last night something got through their run & into the coop & got 7 of them. I have a drainage ditch that is about 25 feet behind the run & I found 2 of them in it with just their heads missing. There was no other damage to them. I can't find any sign of the others. The other 6 were too scared to even get off the roost when I went out this morning. Their coop was built inside one corner of my barn with just a small square hole cut in the side for them to enter their run outside. I have a 60 watt light on in the barn at night.

I'm thinking it had to be either a coon or possum, any ideas??
I'm so sorry for your losses. Could be either one of those critters. Hawks too damage the heads. Sounds like it probably was a coon tho'. Are the babies locked up tight at night? Good luck with the rest.
They weren't locked in at night. They've been going in the barn every night on their own & I guess I just didn't feel like anything would go through that hole with a light on inside. I definitely learned a lesson though. I will be putting a door over that hole today so it doesn't happen again. I'll also be doing some coon trappin tonight. it's a racoon. Lights do not deter them. One used to come right up to my front door with the porch motion light on and I shot another one in the same place. Lights just make it easier for them to see their prey.

Sorry about your chicks. Closing them in (tightly, as coons are very good at opening things) should prevent another occurence.

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