New from central Minnesota


6 Years
Apr 30, 2013
Linwood, MN
Hi all, my name is Grace and I am back into raising chickens (we had quite a few as I was growing up). We recently bought some silkie chicks (3 weeks old now) and are expecting an order of speckled sussex from McMurray next week. I look forward to learning a lot more about giving my chickens the best care. Thanks!
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Greetings from Kansas, Graceh03, and
! Great to have you in our community! Good luck to your Silkies and Sussex!
Thanks everyone for the warm welcomes. Our order week is May 6th, so I will call the post office today to notify them of the impending delivery, hopefully I can pick them up from the hub in Minneapolis so that the chicks don't have to wait all weekend.

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