New from East Tennessee...


8 Years
Apr 30, 2011
East Tn
Glad to see more east tn people showing up
I am from Maynardville. The chicken math bug has hit now got 8 more coming

Kuntry Klucker

Jun 9, 2010
Tennesee Smoky Mts.
Hi From Maryville Tennessee.

I too am homeschooling my kids and chose to raise chickens for the same reason.

We have 16 Buff Orphington chicks that are 5 wks old. We just
finished our coop and pen a few weeks ago.

So far they are so much fun and my kids just love to help take
care of them. They so far have offered many learning experiences
thus far.



In the Brooder
8 Years
Jun 1, 2011
30 miles west of Knoxville TN
Yes, my obsession is DEFFINATLY worsening, lol incubator already full, new quadry; rebuidling all the brooder boxes/ nesting boxes to fit more chickens n! Lol. I love seveirville, my mothers family are ALL from that area. We lived n kodak many years ago. Once u learn all the back roads to bypass the tourists it is a blast! We have a bit of a mix of chickens right now. I started out with three true ameracaunas a nice wheaten roo. Went that path cause the kids adore the colored eggs. Then we wanted more eggs, so a wonderful local farmer parted with a welsummer and a delaware. Then we went the sex link route for egg production and I realized how I really appreciate the heritage breeds! Lol they r not laying any better then my welsummer or delaware honestly. From there my husband started getting involved more (he caught the chicken fever too) n we went silkies and got two polish, the polish roo flew the coop. The ameracauna roo layed down the law, lol. So finally while looking for goats at the cumberland flea market I found a nice man, who knew as little as I did, who had just a few chickens. N one really caught my eye! As a matter of fact I picked her up and she is SUCH a tamed, excellent doll! I bought her of course. The seller didn't even know what kind she was. I did, a very nice silver spangeled hamburg! So I've been on a mission to find more! Lol I am going to have to trade/sell a few as I have finally decided what breed I want to keep specifically. But now I can't part because I'm attached! Lol oh well. Guess the coops getting bigger. Go figure...

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