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Quote:A lot of different YES, I had a wonderful chicken lover once tell me to "try all the different breeds out, you will find the ones that mesh best with you needs and personality" She then told me to keep it up and trade them out, just keep the chicken love going. I understand EXACTLY what she said and I am glad I listened to her advice I have been blessed to really get to know a few different breeds, found things I like and those I ADORE. We are narrowing down our breeds list though, and are going to try a few things out. We too are in the SILKIE movement! lol Love them! Have a polish or two and a frizzel, I think he might be double gened though not sure, I dont want to breed him if he is ya know. But I would like to breed some frizzel in the polish and silkies. It is so cute! Of course I have some I got for egg production, sex links, Delaware, I LOVE HER, a Welsummer, and ameracuana easter egger pen. I have one silver spangeled ? hamburg who has set a bar for me and the chicken world, so I am getting into those now, go figure. A sizzel roo, and two Dorkling hens, One is my broody MOMMA, and priceless! Great mom, no matter the breeds I have in the future she has made a permanent home here, lol. Oh my I KNOW I am missing someone, those are just the adults, I have four silkie chicks, we are incubating eight eggs now, I am hopefully going to pick up some more of the silkies, here locally. It will be his last hatch this year, he is expecting nine. From my humble and young opinion, he has some good ones, several bredders, as he does, and he has one if I were one into shows and that roo was mine, Id be on my way to county fair to try my luck. lol If you are looking for some chicks, Id recomend him, I am makeing a second purchase myself. He is a nice guy, homes them well, free ranges, feeds well, and educated well on his breeds, and bird. He even showed me around the incubator and brooding room he has made, very inventive!
Our momma is on some ameracauna eggs and two easter egger eggs, but they are all the same blue so I cant tell them apart.... Two polish eggs as well. We are a quickly growing family, though I figure this be the time to raise the chicks and begin to trade or rehome the others as they grow and begin to lay next season or some probably sooner. As for my goat quest, I think I have narrowed down this one. For our needs wants and property I think I am going to one Nigerian dwarf sire, and two nannies or does. I initially wanted to clear property only but now I am considering trying goats milk, lol. Though making cheese would be an adventure, and those little guys are small enough for my needs/family and have a good high butter fat quality to their milk production. Well that is my quest so far! lol Hear they can be very freindly even pet quality. Any advice on goats?

Oh ment to say my mother and her family is all from Seveir CO and Gatlinburg, I lived in Kodak for a while!

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