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Jul 14, 2011
Easthampton, Mass
Hi all, I got some baby chickens in March and they are fantastically funny to watch. Made my dh build them a house and they are all settled in very nicely. I posted some pictures on the "what breed or gender is this" forum before I noticed there was an intro thread on here. I have five hens and a rooster who keeps me on my toes. I was wondering if anyone had any advice about the hurricane that's coming. We are supposed to get many hours of rain and wind here and don't know if I can keep them cooped up all day? They usually have the run of the yard and only go inside at night, to keep them safe from the raccoons and the coyotes. I've never kept them inside all day and I know they arent going to like it, but I want to make sure it won't hurt them any. Anybody know? And this site is where I've gotten most of my info so far, so figured it's the best place to ask, thanks in advance.
from WA. glad you joined us
If at all possible bring your birds inside the house or garage. Use a large dog crate and cover it with a light cloth if they seem agitated. Keep food and water with them. Sending positive vibes to keep you safe.
thanks for the welcomes. I have plenty of dog crates, so will take your advice and bring them into the garage for a couple of days. the house is wind tight, but they wouldnt be able to run around at all. DH is gonna pitch a fit about me letting them loose in the garage, but he'll recover, so long as the chickens are safe. thanks for the advice too.

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