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6 Years
Sep 16, 2013
Timberlake, NC
So excited to have joined BYC. We are just getting started and looking to buy 6-8 pullets. We live north of Durham, below Roxboro, in Timberlake. Breeds we are interested in: Ancona, Australorp, Easter Eggers (I know, not a true breed?), Legbar, Plymouth Rock, Rhodge Island, Star. My son is doing a unit study on chickens for the next few weeks and we are incorporating getting started, building a coop etc. He is almost nine, so very excited. Really wanted to get everything in place in the next few weeks before winter settles in. It already getting cool here at night, which is early for us.

Thanks so much,
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Welcome to BYC
Have a look at the BST secion for chickens for sale. Once you have a post count of 20 or more the system will allow you to place an ad and you can place a "wanted" ad if you haven't found what you are looking for yet:
for right now go to "where am I, where are you," in the social forum, so you can locate and post on your state thread. You may find local people that have the breeds you are seeking .

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