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Nov 8, 2012
Hi, I am new to the board and had chickens when I was little. I loved them! Took a poultry production class 2 years ago and since have wanted my own birds. Planning on raising and eating quail and having a few colored egg laying hens. I am very excited about all of this because the only other animals I have I cannot eat! (Goats, horses, cats and dogs). I have been lurking and reading all the great threads. Really informative site.
Welcome to BYC!!
Hi and :welcome

Good luck with your birds!
I hope you find any info you need here, and enjoy the site. :D
Thank you for all of your warm welcomes. Yes I have started my quest with quail, then chickens. I love ordering quail whenever I see it on a menu. Unfortunately it is very infrequent, so I found the solution!

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