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    Apr 9, 2012
    Northern Wisconsin
    Hi everyone! We're first time chicken raisers - our boys (ages 4 and 6) wanted chicks for Easter. Our local feed store has them and of course, the kids fell in love when we would go there. So the Easter Bunny left a note that they could go pick out two chicks. We researched and debated and decided as a family to start with 1 araucana, 1 buff orpington and 2 silver laced wyandottes and we absolutely love them! I had no idea chickes were so snuggly! I'm a stay at home mom to those beforementioned little boys, 1 Jack Russell terrier named Beer and 1 Maine Coon cat named Nuts, and now these adorable little feathered friends. (Buttercup, Magda (short for Magdalene), Tink (Tinkerbell) and Lucky (because of her horseshoe on her back) My husband is in the process of building a coop for our 1 week old little buggers. Our neighbors have chickens and guineas and our only concern right now is that ours will join up with theirs and move next door. If anyone has any insight into that little issue before they move outside, please feel free to share! This is a great site - wonderful resource! And I'm so happy to have found it and this new community of knowledgable chicken-lovers.

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    Hello and :welcome

    I'm glad you're enjoying your experience with chicks so far!
    As for them flying over the fence, it does happen. A neighbour's new chickens visited our garden regularly. Perhaps this could be remedied by putting something uneven on the top of the fence that makes it harder for them to get a grip on it? Good luck! Enjoy the site. :)
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    Dec 22, 2009
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    Hi && Welcome!!!

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    Hi and :welcome from Ohio. So glad you joined. :thumbsup
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    Hi and welcome to BYC from northern Michigan :D
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    Welcome to BYC from BC!

    And you might want to build a fence..... Will you free range your chicks?? Your neighbours hens will create a pecking order, so you will want to make sure that your chicks go outside in a fully fenced pen near the property line. (I've heard of hens ganging up on the newer chicks and there being a death from it) The other hens will get used to the idea. (ask the question in a forum, you'll get lots of feedback) Good luck!!!

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    Northern Wisconsin
    Thanks for the WELCOMES! Silly question (and I probably just missed the answer when I was looking at everything) but how do I put my info at the bottom of my posts - you know how you have your details about yourself?

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    Apr 9, 2012
    Northern Wisconsin
    And yes, we plan to free range our chickens. And the problem is, our neighbors do as well. Their chickens spend their days in our yard and woods, but go back to roost at night. Someone suggested to us to keep ours in the penned in area that will be attached to our coop for about 2 weeks - that way they'll know that's 'home'. I'm also worried about the pecking and bullying from the others. In fact, I asked that question on my facebook before we even decided to do this. I just don't want them to get hurt! But I'll post these questions elsewhere on the forum and hope for a lot of good advice. Thanks everyone!

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