10 Years
Mar 17, 2009
Hi everyone!
After lurking for oh...umm....almost a year ~ here I am finally registered

Currently living in NE PA with one amazing husband, a soon to be 4 yr old daughter, 2 dogs, 3 cats, a hedgehog, budgie, conure and 4 chickens. I am in school to get my vet tech degree so I can be licensed and work weekends at a small zoo in NJ as a zookeeper. Although I feel like a zookeeper pretty much every day

The girls, as we call them, are two barred rocks, one that I am pretty sure if a white rock and one I swear is a Delaware. We got them last summer as chicks from the Sussex County Fair or farm and horse show or whatever it is calling itself these days. They started laying over the winter, even with no supplemental lighting and are awesome. So tolerant of my daughter scooping them up to give them hugs!! Trying to talk hubby into expanding the flock...shouldn't be too hard

Anyway, that's us in an eggshell

I really like it here, and figured it was time to open my big mouth lol So hello to you all



12 Years
Jul 2, 2007
Mertztown, Pa
another from PA!!! Welcome!! I'm from Mertztown, Pa. Just south of Kutztown....Let me know if you want to expand your flock....I think I have too many 4 week old roos right now!!
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