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Sep 18, 2013
Hi, im from stephenville , tx . I own a trucking company and i bought ducks to kill ticks. Then i ended up buying some chickens. Now we have 10 ducks and 17 chickens. Then i have a lady hatching out 15 more for me by oct 4th. Plus i heard theres a small small chance of HEB organic eggs being fertile. So yesterday i went to HEB and i bought 36 organic eggs from three different eggs farms. I put them under two 65 watt bulbs. Just wandering what happens. Chickens are awesome for stress i want 400-500 chickens but my wife said NO. So maybe 40-50.
your wife is very wise.
Welcome to BYC
Glad you joined us! If you want to hatch eggs you will do better with an incubator of some sort. Here are some home-made incubator ideas:

And this article will basically tell you everything you need to know about incubating eggs:

And don't tell your wife I told you
Thank you !! Yeah i gotta kinda lay off talking about chickens !! Lol. But tonight i will start studying incubators !!!! ;) Wouldn it be realaxing to have a barn with several thousand ??

I have family in Stephenville.

Are the organic eggs at the HEB grocery stores refrigerated?

That would be neat if you could just go to the grocery store, buy eggs, and put them in an incubator to hatch. They probably use sex-link chickens for the brown eggs, so the chicks would be all mixed up, if they did hatch. The white eggs would probably give you White Leghorns or White Leghorn hybrids.
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