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10 Years
Oct 18, 2012
Hi all,

We purchased a house in July this year near Yacolt, WA and inherited five hens and a rooster with the property. I had never had chickens before so have been learning as I go. So far I think I'm doing OK. None seem ill and they're producing 4-8 eggs a day. A couple of the hens will eat out of my hand. The rooster keeps his distance. :)

That said, I'm a little overwhelmed with what all I feel I still need to do to ~properly~ care for these chickens. Their pen needs work, cleaning the coop is a pain, keeping their water clean seems impossible, etc. I'm up for the tasks, just a little overwhelmed. I am hoping to learn a lot more on these forums.

Thanks for your time (and all the valuable information!)

I'm sure they will love to have you in the Washington thread in the "Where am I? Where are you!" section.
from California! Regarding keeping water clean, I would invest in a hanging water container, much easier to keep clean. Is the floor of your coop run dirt? I recently put sand down and it seems much easier to keep clean.
The floor is wooden and it's filthy all the time no matter how much I clean it. Sand may be a good idea if it's OK to lay down on the wooden floor?
Greetings from Kansas, NanaTJ, and
! Happy you joined our flock! I had an aunt years ago that lived near Yacolt - beautiful area...I'm jealous! Best of luck with your hens and chicken chores!
Thank you. Yes it's gorgeous out here. I am loving it and feel very fortunate that we found this place. It took several years to find it, and a lot of heartache along the way. (Long story probably for another forum entirely since it involves many housing market woes...) :)

I'm interested in the deep bedding method (no idea what that is of course), and will look for a hanging water container. Thanks so much for the ideas!


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