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10 Years
Sep 26, 2009
Eastern Pandhandle WV
Name is Virginia, from the Eastern Panhandle of WV. Getting back into chickens after 30 years and having much more fun than I did the first time!

My Dad got this bright idea that we'd get us some RIR's and get 'free meat and eggs'. (Insert your knowing smirk/chortle here). You can guess who got the job of taking care of all those chickens!

So he takes all these birds and puts them in a coop that was, at most, 100 sqft. The experienced know what happened next. (Insert your knowing smirk/chortle here) The carnage of that many chickens in that little space was impressive.

It all ended about 3 years later when a ritual slaughter of the remaining birds had me helping my mom hang 25 birds on a clothesline in the side yard, while my grandmother and great aunt sat around scalding and plucking and telling stories of their youth at the turn of the 20th Century.

The nice thing about being a grown-up is that you can do what you want, so when we bought our Cornish-Rocks we had a bit more of a plan than my Dad had, and I decided that professional processing is my friend.

We have a growing flock of layers to try and keep a family of 6 in eggs. My kids are going to do chickens in 4-H and in Open at the fair, so we may spend the extra bucks on show-quality birds. I'm currently trying to hatching some Pheonix eggs that I got with the tiny little incubator I bough on Ebay, trying to build an incubator from spare parts, and brooding chicks in the living room.

I have an interest in raising breed that would have been found in the Middle Ages, and I'm really very interested in the history of poultry in general.

No...I'm not addicted! I can stop ANY time. LOL.
Hi Virginia

That's a cute story. So glad you have come to chat and learn more with all of us here at BYC. This is a wonderful site as I'm sure you have already found out. Every addict always says they can stop anytime they want, lol. I'm an addict and I admit, I CAN'T STOP!!!!!!
! What a great story you tell,

No smirks here, everybody has to learn sometime!

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